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Articulated Physicality

Based on the techniques of French master Etienne Decroux, who said that 'physicality informs . . . we first see a body,' this class explores the individual actor body onstage. This workshop gives the actor the tools to move with poise, grace and precision on stage. The primary goal of the warm-up and technique is to awaken a dynamic, articulate and responsive physicality. Repertoire, composition and improvisational work encourage the actor to play with rhythm, space, pause, surprise - all essential elements of compelling performance. Physically demanding.


Based partially on the work of Gardzienice theater in Poland, this workshop focuses on mutuality work - partnering during stretching, supports, and group supported flips or lifts. Breathing in concert with movement, paying attention to the rhythm of both partner and group, as well as building the basic structures needed to create ensemble and physical trust are all addressed. This class also examines sculptural possibilities of the body in performance. Physically demanding.


Explore impossible angles and supports in physicality. See what happens when one body is uncontorted and quotidian in posture -upright, standing, or sitting naturally but then tipped, on an angle, rotated, or carried through space. Explore variable points of contact and support. Create two frames of reference in one visual space with nothing but bodies, an escher-like, interconnected world with two sets of physical rules. Physically demanding.

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